Meet a forestry contractor

Maskinlaget som kör för Krekula & Lauri Såg: Ulf Tillberg och Birger Hamstig

The contractor who likes tip-top forests

For almost 50 years, Ulf Tillberg has worked in the forest. Together with his brother, he owns the company Ulf & Leifs Skogsmaskiner and manages felling assignments on behalf of Krekula & Lauri Såg.

The machines operated by Ulf and his colleague, Birger Hamstig, are a Komatsu 911.4 harvester and a Ponsee Buffalo forwarder. There are a further two operators in the work team and the group works two shifts.

Mutual trust

The collaboration between the companies has being going on for a long time. It is based on good experience, trust and good interaction.

“The be all and end all is to work with a skilled machine team. Ulf and his team always do their utmost. They know what’s needed and we feel very confident with them,” emphasises Kent Larsson, timber buyer in daily contact with Ulf.

“For us, doing a proper job is important so everyone, the forest owner, Kent as timber buyer and the sawmill are satisfied,” Ulf Tillberg says.

Know how things should be

Ulf and Birger always operate as a pair. According to Kent Larsson, their long experience is important and makes the work efficient.

“They have an understanding for the way we want things, they follow the treatment area instruction and, if there is something that is not correct or unclear, they ask or handle it themselves.”

“Besides, they operate carefully and keep a sharp eye on things.”

Likes the freedom

Ulf Tillberg enjoys his work.

“I like the job, 43 years in the industry no doubt says everything. The best thing is the freedom and having control of your own working hours, no clocking on. There are times, when it is winter, dark and cold and you need to service or work on the machine, when you can wonder what you got into,” Ulf laughs.

“It is also fun to operate where the forests are in tip-top condition. You notice where the forest have not been properly looked after. There, the trees are thinner and the forest owner has wasted his profitability.”

What is the best thing about working with Krekula & Lauri Såg?

“We know them well and they are close-by. It couldn’t be better. They work with excellent forests and have good conditions. If Krekula & Lauri Såg didn’t exist in Tärendö, it would be dead in the village. The sawmill provides many jobs, even in the surrounding area,” Ulf says.

Avverkning åt Krekula & Lauri Såg med skördare från Komatsu