Meet the sorter Tosse

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Medarbetare Thor Pettersson, klampare vid Krekula & Lauri Såg

Tosse sorts timber at work

The important work to classify the timber is done on the sorting line. The work is both automated and computerised, but a trained eye is also needed for the result to be correct.

Thor “Tosse” Pettersson originally comes from Dalstorp, fifty kilometres to the south of Borås and his background is in the plastics industry. Just over 15 years ago, he took a year’s sabbatical, went on a fishing guide course in Norrbotten and never left. Tosse first started working for Krekula & Lauri Såg in 2003. Today, he is one of three sorters who sort the timber.

Wants it to be perfect

His experience in the plastics industry has given him a feeling for accuracy and quality.

“In the plastics industry, everything is very precise and I am trained to be as accurate as possible. I want things to be as perfect as possible. If I do a good job already in the sorting stage, the better the result will be for both the firm and the customer,” Tosse explains.

Tosse went on a timber sorting course via Krekula & Lauri Såg ten years ago and has developed good experience.

“You must have a good eye to see quickly and decide what the timber can be used for, what grade it has and that it has been cut correctly.”

After the timber has passed Tosse and his colleagues, it moves on to the robot cutter, where the timber is cut to the correct length.

Broad knowledge

Apart from sorting timber, Tosse is a safety representative and also helps out in other departments in the sawmill when needed, for example, during packing, wrapping or lubricating the machinery.

He enjoys life in the calm of Norrland’s Tärendö, even though he was born 1500 kilometres to the south.

“There is good fishing hereabouts, I like my colleagues and I like it when there it is varied and things flow well at work,” a pleased Thor “Tosse” Pettersson says.

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