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Då Krekula & Lauri Såg köpts upp av Jutos Timber kommer vår hemsida inom kort att upphöra. Det innebär att vi kommer omdirigera våra besökare till Jutos Timbers webbplats.
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A Swedish  sawmill with high demands and great wooden products.


This is Krekula & Lauri Sawmill

Krekula & Lauri Sawmill is Sweden’s most northerly sawmill. We work with fantastic raw materials from the forest in a region rich in nature and we are based in the world’s best village, Tärendö. We are at the centre with the forest around us. Thanks to our climate, we also have access to our unique slow growth pine, with its very high proportion of heart wood, which is almost indestructible.

Mer än 65 års erfarenhet

Thanks to our history we have built a safe base in Tärendö. Our sawmill is well-invested and our employees have a high level of competence.


The Torne Valley pine has a very high proportion of heart wood and is almost indestructible. Our timber is well-sawn and well dried. We are certified and our timber has a good origin.

Personal treatment

Even though we are Sweden's most northerly sawmill, we want to be close to you who are forest owners, customers or employees. For us, long-term relationships are important.

Are you planning selling your timber? We will take care of it in the best of ways

Meet Anna at planing mill

Easy going in the planing mill for Anna! Anna Hamstig Lund works in the planing mill and likes being involved when things happen. Despite her 28 years, she has already completed an education in the hotel and restaurant Läs mer...

Meet forest owner Bertil

“I want something good to come from my forest” Bertil Kantola, in Männikkö, is a very aware and committed forest owner. For him, it is important that neither the forest nor the timber is left to chance. “I Läs mer...

Meet the sorter Tosse

Tosse sorts timber at work The important work to classify the timber is done on the sorting line. The work is both automated and computerised, but a trained eye is also needed for the result to be Läs mer...

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