Erik Hallgren – Timber seller

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Erik Hallgren, virkesförsäljare

“We supply what the customer needs”

Of the products manufactured by Krekula & Lauri Såg, 30 percent are sold in Sweden and 70 percent are exported to Europe and North Africa. The customers have different needs, and Krekula & Lauri Såg have taken this has their starting point.

“We don’t just work with standardised dimensions, lengths and designs; instead, we start from the customers’ special needs and aim to satisfy these in the best way,” Erik Hallgren says.

“We are flexible and we try not to get mired in the norms. It is the customers’ needs that steer. We want to deliver a customised product that matches their requirements, this gives the best results for everybody.

But it’s not just the product that is important. The focus is also on great delivery reliability, relationships and long-term business.”

“We have many regular customers and we keep them for a long time.”

International scope

The customers can be found in most regions. They are, for example, house builders in Germany, window manufacturers in Denmark, the furniture industries in Spain and North Africa, builders merchants in England, Greece and Germany, and more.

Visit and learn

One way to strengthen customer relations is to stock a flexible range and to get out and travel regularly.

“We want to meet our customers and hear from them directly about the challenges they are facing, what they need and to make sure we have the right timber and grades.”

Agents as partners

A large part of the sales go via agents with whom Krekula & Lauri Såg work. This also means that the customers’ needs on each market are met in the best possible way. Erik also has contact with timber buyers in order to match the customers’ needs to the forestry products bought in.

“It is important that the whole chain works from start to finish,” Erik explains.


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